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Raised in Jefferson City, MO, Tom Baker currently resides in Fordland, MO with his wife, Michelle, and two children, Sam and Cecilia. With a passion for marketing and creativity, he serves as the Marketing Director for BJS Trophy, a locally owned and operated small business in Springfield, MO that has grown immensely in his short time with the company. Additionally, he is the proud owner and operator of Bravo Creative, a small video production studio specializing in commercial and documentary filmmaking, which can be explored further at

His involvement in the arts began in 1994 when he stepped onto the Jefferson City community theatre stage, igniting a lifelong love for the performing arts. Since then, he has been an active participant, showcasing his talents and captivating audiences on the local and regional stages.

Tom is an alumnus of Jefferson City High School and continued his education at William Woods University, obtaining a degree in Business Management. His commitment to personal and professional growth led him to serve in the United States Navy, where he garnered valuable experience and developed a strong sense of discipline and dedication.

In his career, Tom has thrived as a commercial filmmaker, traveling extensively throughout the United States to produce engaging micro-documentaries for various non-profit organizations. His finely crafted skills and artistic vision have contributed to the success of these ventures, leaving a lasting impact on both viewers and the causes they support.

Recently, Tom held the esteemed position of Visual Content Director for Mission Roll Call, a prominent Washington D.C. non-profit organization advocating for veterans’ rights on Capitol Hill. Through his leadership, he amplified the voices of veterans, ensuring their concerns were recognized, supported and enacted.

Relocating to the vibrant film community of The Ozarks has allowed Tom to immerse himself in various aspects of filmmaking. With versatility as his forte, he has proven himself a flexible and devoted actor, director, and cinematographer and has won several awards for his work. Tom’s dedication to his craft is exemplified by his consistent participation in the SATO48 film festival, which he has competed in since 2018, along with his team of professional artists.

Tom Baker is an accomplished professional with a diverse range of skills and experiences. From his beginnings in theatrical performance, to his impactful work in marketing, filmmaking, and advocacy, Tom continues to push boundaries and leave an indelible mark on the world.

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