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Thank you to our donors for your generous support.

Monetary Donations

Joe DeLong

Debbie and Jerry Coffman

James and Connie Mihalevich

Brenda and Lesile Hancock

Anita Barrows

Ross Kaplan

Lara Underwood

Judy Sinnett

James and Cythia Layton

Rebecca Gordon Group LLC

Lucia Kincheloe

Melissa Manda

Six Five 101 Properties

Libby and Scott Pool

Ann Lane

George and Linda Burruss

Jamie Farmer

Rebecca Rademan

Maureen Willoh

Sallie Jacobs

Jeff Niblack

Cory McCarter

Tim Schmolzi


Brian Woodman & Zoe Peterson

Charles R. Stone

Tim Theroff

John and Peggy Landwehr

Cultural Arts Commission

Central Bank

Midwest Block & Brick

Rademan Communications

In-Kind Donations

The Frame Shop

Rebecca Gordon

Modern Litho Printing

Capital City Arts Comission

Capitol City CORK & Provisions

Shannon Wade

Andy Fechtel

Golden Barrell

Bill Naught

Cary Gampher

Lynne Angle

Danny Wilson

Mid City Lumber

Todd Balkenbush

Kyle Loethen

Chris Wilson

Jay Shelton

Debbie Coffman

Moe McCullough

Richard Woods

Colette Schanzmeyer

Cynthia Johnson

Ginger Steinmetz

Gail Severance

Maggie Bolin

Carrie Carroll

Leslie Davis

The Snob Shop

Heidi Lucas

Daniel Gibson

Rick and Theresa McClellan

Tina Thornsberry Komaraske

Randy and Grace Allen

Woodman Engineering

Lynn and Kristin Morrow

Donna Schnitzler

Chris and Kathy Burruss

Joan Firley

Karen Gibbs

Duncan and Lucia Kincheloe

Dale Vaughan 

Morgan Householder

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